Launched in 2012 from downtown New York City, COOLS started with Olivier van Themsche’s simple idea: “There are millions of products out there so how can we make it easy for people to shop their unique style… to express their own sense of cool.”
COOLS became a search engine that brings together hundreds of retailers and thousands of brands in one single place.
The technology provides its community the tools they need to find what they’re looking for from all the best fashion stores. And through its daily editorials and shopping tips, COOLS provides a downtown lens for shopping content that both inspires and services its community.


Born and raised in Paris, Olivier van Themsche moved to NYC in 2009. Fascinated by the city’s eclectic collision of styles in 2012 he created a shopping platform that brings together millions of products for people to create their unique style.


Olivier launched COOLS in the heart of fashion-forward downtown NYC. Downtown is not just a place, it’s a mindset. It’s the place of radical expression, perspectives and backgrounds. It’s where new styles are created and new brands are born.


Whether it’s downtown NYC, London, LA, Paris, Tokyo or Dallas, downtown is the place where independent thinkers, artists and designers thrive.


Cool is personal, it morphs from one person to another. There are as many types of cool as there are individuals, that is why the notion of cool is totally subjective.


There is no truth or science or strict perimeter around cool. It doesn’t stop somewhere as it doesn’t start anywhere either.

Cool is plural… Welcome to COOLS.


Our mission is to help people shop fashion online, to build the world’s most advanced fashion search engine and provide the right tools so that people can shop millions of pieces from the world’s top fashion sites and brands in a single search. We want to give individuals the freedom to express their style in a way that is as boldly unique as they are.


We believe that true creative expression and style are only possible when we free ourselves from the dominant narratives that are imposed on us by the establishment.


That’s why our fashion content provides the broadest fashion perspectives and why our shopping tool provides radical choice. Our Brand Belief is underpinned by the following values:
AUTHENTICITY: We believe that is only when we say something real that people truly listen.
AMBIGUITY: We believe that it’s only when we stop trying to define what something is that we truly understand what it can be.
ACCEPTANCE: We believe that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, regardless of sexual orientation, race, marital status, gender identity, creed, age or color.
ARTISTRY: We believe that in a society where technology has democratized the tools of creativity that technical mastery and raw creativity is still something to be revered.
ACUITY: We believe that what we say is deliberate and with intent. We never underestimate our community.


COOLS makes money mostly through affiliate links. What does that mean? Basically, it means that if you click on an affiliate link on our site, go through a retailer or brand and purchase an item, we will receive a small commission of your purchase.


It’s a win-win-win situation for you, the advertiser or brand and for us. Why? Because, we help you find the products you love, we help retailers and brands get more business, and we make some money along the way, without upcharging your price of purchase—that wouldn’t be cool(s). If you have any questions, send us a love note at [email protected]


We can also receive compensation from retailers or brands for sponsored content on our site, newsletter or social media. Any sponsored content will be clearly marked as “SPONSORED”. Know that we work only with retailers and brands we feel are relevant to our site and that we commit to provide our honest review of a product or service featured on our site.


“It’s the mindset of the explorer that ties all of our fans together. Whether they are 16 or 86, they question everything to stay fiercely independent. They understand that in order to be original you have to seek out the broadest perspectives and styles. They are Independent by choice.”

Olivier van Themsche: C.E.O. Cools

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